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One of my favourite ways to relax while on holiday in France recently, was  to wander indulgently around a pharmacie. Every village of a reasonable size will be sure to have a well stocked, modern and air conditioned pharmacy where knowledgeable and usually impossibly chic staff will happily assist you in making your purchases or leave you alone to browse in bliss.

And browse I did. It was quite an eye-opener in France to see just how many products are labelled paraben- free, even on supermarket shelves. Maybe it's something that the french have come to expect.

I decided to buy from La Roche-Posay (LRP) range which took up several shelves with its distinctive blue and white packaging. My skin is dry, sensitive and recently prone to reddening, so I decided to go for the Rosaliac UV which advertises itself as an anti- redness moisturiser so ideal for redness-prone sensitive skin.

  La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV Light is non-comedogenic

LRP have been working with dermatologists for over 30 years now. It is the unique thermal spring water that LRP use, that is at the heart of the brand and its credibility. The selenium -rich spring water with its source in the small village from which the company derives its name, is especially beneficial to the skin and indeed its therapeutic reputation extends back nearly 400 years.  Napoleon even had a hospital built here to treat his soldeirs' skin diseases. Today, over 25,000 dermatologists recommend LRP products.

Rosaliac UV Anti-Redness Moisturiser boasts triple protection to moisturise your skin and help limit the appearance of the daily redness that I now seem to be experiencing alongside the dreaded heated sensation. I find that at this time of year the redness increases. For me, this is due to the change of temperatures - going from a chilly wind outside to a centrally heated inside. Result - instant flushing. But worse still, I've also begun to notice fine blood vessels appearing. Vitamin CG in Rosaliac UV helps to strengthen the walls of these blood vessels while vitamin B3 aids your skin in its defence against the temperature changes and weather onslaught that are two of the enemies that cause redness. Finally Rosaliac contains Mexoryl XL which protects your skin from harmful UV rays. La Roche-Posay Thermal spring water works its soothing magic and optical correctors help to even skin tone.

However there is some comfort in knowing that I'm far from alone in suffering from redness, in fact according to research done by LRP, 65% of women over the age of 25 say they have suffered from skin redness. I find mine is exacerbated if I indulge in spicy foods or a little too much red wine. So, could Rosaliac UV help sooth my troubled skin which in the past has sometimes flown into a fury if I attempt to cosset it with creams and potions?

Quite simply - yes. After using Rosaliac UV regularly, I can say that I now look into the mirror and see what I consider to be a positively pale complexion looking back at me after being used to the 'rosey' look of old. My skin feels soothed and cool, and whilst I can't pretend that I don't get 'flare ups', my complexion is much improved. I've never been a fan of heavy coverage make-up so camouflaging the redness has never really been an option. Rosaliac is fragrance-free and looks light green from the tube. Once on the skin, it immediately begins working its magic. I also suffer from a thyroid that has decided to take a permanent holiday which means that my skin went from normal, combination to dry virtually overnight. I need a good moisturiser.

I bought both Rosaliac Light and Rich as I was unsure which would best suit my skin. Rich is a gloriously thick and nourishing cream yet disappears into the skin effortlessly leaving no greasy residue. Make-up goes on over both like a dream. I initially used Rich as my skin was being exposed to sun, chlorine and the excesses of holiday but changed to Light on my return. Now that the winter is fast approaching, I may be making a return to Rich.

I paid around 14 euros each for a 40ml tube. A little goes a long way and they are lasting brilliantly well. Although I bought mine after browsing in a phamacy in France, they are freely available online. Also useful to know if you ever nip over (or under) the channel to Calais is the pharmacy within Carrefour in Cite Europe. It has a fantastic range of skincare at great prices. So easy to pop a treat into your trolley alongside the wine and cheese.

So,  I give it  9/10. I reserve the perfect 10 because there are so many wonderful skincare products out there yet to try. For me  LRP Rosaliac UV was a dream find and thank you the wonderful Lisa Eldridge who spoke so highly of it .

La Roche-Posay

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