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The New Tradition - I love that tagline. Noble Isle products are undeniably a treat. We don't need their luxury bath & shower gels or hand washes to survive, neither will our days be tough without them but we feel a whole lot more pampered, relaxed and happy with them in our lives. 

Have you tried any of Noble Isle's gorgeous products? I received their Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel and I'm now down to perhaps only 2 or 3 days pampering at best. Will I be buying a replacement? Affirmative. You know when you treat yourself to a stay in a luxury hotel where they provide all the best toiletries that you snaffle at the end of the stay and walk about feeling and smelling great? It's that kind of boost. It's that complete feeling of well-being that a little bit of relaxation and spoiling yourself can achieve. Everything seems to taste and smell that little bit better. That's what we need at the moment isn't it? That 'feel good' factor.

Noble Isle is British (and the bath & shower gel I used was also made in the UK)- so, very in tune with the current patriotic mood of the country. They take their inspiration from all over the British Isles and the cultural pearls that lie within. Think Devon country lanes, misty Highland lochs, bracing Welsh hills and windswept Irish beaches. They capture this essence of Britishness using natural extracts and present it to us packaged in the cream of British design. The edgy presentation is inspired by tradition but given a modern twist.

Summer Rising whisks you to Cornish hedgerows and has extracts of elderflower and gooseberry. Now if that doesn't make you think of something your Gran might have gathered, nothing will. Both ingredients hark back to a time where life was somehow less complicated and this connotation of wholesomeness and goodness translates into a delicious fresh fragrance with all the expected associated benefits. Ingredients are sourced from the Victorian Productive Gardens (where only heritage varieties are grown and  the soil is cultivated by hand) of the amazing, rejuvenated Lost Gardens of Heligan - so excellent provenance there. Noble Isle give information about the origins of their extracts and a full listing on their bottle, but I would have preferred a more obvious full listing of all their ingredients easily found on their website as I'm becoming increasingly concerned about what ingredients lurk within the beauty products that we smooth trustingly onto our skin. Noble Isle give me that feeling that I'm nourishing my skin and looking after this precious organ that works so hard to protect us.

The rich bath & shower gel lathers up beautifully (I dribble some onto a shower puff), so a little goes a long away. My skin was left feeling soft and moisturised. Having very sensitive skin, some shower gels leave my skin feeling dry and tight but Noble Isle will have your skin positively purring. Walk into your bathroom later in the day and that amazing fragrance is still hanging in the air a couple of hours after use.

So - I'm a huge fan. It's a treat. An indulgence. It doesn't come cheap, with a 250ml bath & shower gel selling for £20 but it will last a long time. With hair care, hand soaps and yummy candles in their range, there's lots to choose from.

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